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7 Readers Questions About MonaVie Answered

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By Bryan Gauvin – March 15, 2010
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They say be careful what you wish for. Well I asked you for your questions about a week ago and boy did I get them. Over 50 questions submitted. Today I thought I would pick a few of these questions and go head at them. Enjoy!

1. Will MonaVie cure my cancer?
No. MonaVie is not a drug, or a vitamin supplement. It is a fruit juice blend. Any Distributor who tries to tell you that MonaVie will ‘cure’ or ‘treat’ any disease or condition should be reported. Certainly there are many testimonials from users as to benefits they have found when drinking MonaVie, but MonaVie is a nutritional food (in juice form) designed to support health, not to cure disease.

2. Are the fruits used in MonaVie Organic?
Yes they are. MonaVie is insistent that only the finest quality organic fruits are used in all their blends. Organic fruits have higher concentrations of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients.

3. Doesn’t MonaVie contain preservatives though?
Yes it does. MonaVie uses potassium sorbate to inhibit mold growth. Postassium sorbate is considered to have a high SAFE rating. MonaVie contains an extremely low level of lemon based citric acid. This helps to lower the pH and to control microbes. Sodium Benzoate is also used to control mold, yeasts, bacteria and other microbes. Sodium Benzoate prevents food oxidation and preserves nutrients. Benzone levels are carefully monitored and are always well below what is considered a ‘safe’ level. A good safety level is considered a 5 and MonaVie is nearly always tested at under 3.

4. Does MonaVie contain any animal products?
No. All ingredients are plant-derived, so MonaVie is safe for vegetarians, vegans and seafood allergy sufferers. Before 2008 the glucosamine in MonaVie Active was derived from shrimps but MonaVie now use a plant-derived glucosamine.

5. How much Acai berry is in MonaVie?
No one knows for sure (except the makers). Most people put the estimate at around 20%, some place it as high as 60%. What we do know is that it is the ‘crown jewel’ and heads the top of the ingredient list so is therefore the priority fruit in MonaVie. The special freeze-drying process also ensures that the Acai used in MonaVie is at its freshest and most potent.

6. Is MonaVie safe for children?
Yes. MonaVie is a fruit juice. It is advised though that MonaVie Original is the best choice for children rather than the active or pulse.

7. Why is MonaVie so expensive?
Is it? There is a difference between cost, and price. Compare buying a second hand washing machine that breaks down in 6 months. It’s price may be only $50 but after 6 months you have to replace it. Do that every 6 months and in 5 years you would have spent $500. For the same $500 you could have bought 1 machine that lasted you 8-10 years. Yes MonaVie can seem expensive but it is better than buying cheap watered down stuff that does not really support your health. Finding all the organic ingredients in Monavie and blending them in just the right amounts would probably be just as expensive. And, yes there are ways you can get Monavie for cheaper than the retail such as our FREE Preferred Customer program or becoming a Distributor.

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