Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Newly Enhanced Compensation Plan will go into Effect 31 March 2012

With the launch of the new Compensation Plan, we’d like to make you aware of some improvements that make it easier for you and those within your organisation to earn bonuses.
Enhancements You’ll Absolutely Love:
  • Added new ranks: Purple Diamond and White Diamond
  • Requirements for advancing to Diamond, Blue Diamond, Purple Diamond, and White Diamond reduced to three consecutive weeks
  • Requirement for advancing to Gold now two consecutive weeks
  • Six new and simplified ways to earn income:
    • Direct Sales Bonus
      Sell MonaVie products to your friends and neighbours at retail and keep the difference
    • Star Achievement Bonus
      A distributor earns the Star Achievement Bonus (RM64.00–RM128.00) when he or she achieves the rank of Star
    • Team Bonuses
      Earn a bonus of 5% of the GV in your leg with the least volume
      Earn another 5% of the matching GV in your leg with the most volume
    • Executive Check Match
      Paid accordingly to the number of generations in your downline based on your “paid-as” rank
    • Leadership Bonuses
      Paid to Diamonds and above based on your “paid-as” rank
    • Rank Advancement Bonus
      Pays a one-time bonus for each rank achieved at Bronze and above
Even though the full compensation plan doesn’t go into effect until 31 March 2012, you may notice that your rank is being computed in a way that gives you the ‘higher’ rank.
Please contact MonaVie Support at 1800-88-5070 for more information.

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