Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New MonaVie 2.0 Website Launches in Malaysia!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the new MonaVie 2.0 website in Malaysia June 1, 2012! Go to www.my.monavie.com to check out the revamped website that features our bold, new brand vision and striking layout. 
This cutting-edge website combines the former corporate site and the Malaysia MonaVie On the Move announcement page into one, user-friendly super site. Now, from www.my.monavie.com you have easy access to all the information that sets MonaVie apart—our products and business opportunity which, together, make MonaVie an industry leader in wellness.

When you visit the new site, you’ll notice its uniqueness. The left side of the screen links to the outstanding MonaVie opportunity while the right side links to our products.
MonaVie will continue to add other impressive features as MonaVie 2.0 rolls forward, so stay tuned to www.my.monavie.com

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